Calling Pest Control: Warning Signs

It takes a lot of time, money and hard work to get finally get a house and after spending so many resources, you want to make sure that this investment lasts. Amongst the many things you need to maintain and look out for, pest control should be in your priority list. A pest here or there might not seem like a major problem at first but, when ignored for a period of time, can turn into a major problem that can cost you dearly. There are a number of warning signs to look out for so that once you notice any, you can immediately call for pest control in West Lothian by Eliminate Ltd.

• The most evident indicator of a pest problem is when you start noticing physical damage in different parts of your house. This can include things like small holes around wooden furniture, gnawing marks along furniture, small protruding tunnels running across your walls, damaged wires etc. If you have a pet, the damage they cause will not be so subtle, so you can easily detect the difference.

• Hearing what sounds like scratching noises within your walls or in pieces of wooden furniture like your bed can be indicative of a potential termite problem. Hearing scampering along your ceiling on the other hand could mean a potential rodent problem. These sounds can be limited solely through the course of the day or night or even both.

• If you start finding droppings around your house, it should raise a few alarm bells especially if there appear to be different kinds of droppings which implies that you have more than one kind of pet infestation.

• If you sometimes find bite marks on you, you should immediately call for pest control in West Lothian by Eliminate Ltd as this can be dangerous especially if you have younger children living with you as well.