Durable Slurry Control Valves

Working in a heavy industry always comes with its dangers and hazards which is why it is incredibly important to have proper equipment at hand, equipment that makes processes safer for the workers and ensures more efficiency. In the mining industry, the safe and proper removal of waste is essential, which is why any mining facility should be fitted with durable and high quality slurry pipelines that help with transporting mining waste and other materials over long distances. Any slurry pipeline must have durable valves that are easy to use and do not break down quickly.

Dual Valves is an Australasian company that supplies high quality specialist mining valves and pipe couplings, the company has several different types of valves and couplings that are designed to be as simple to operate as possible. They get their items from a number of well-known manufacturers including Dual Products and EDart, they realise that couplings and valves are a vital part of any slurry pipeline and therefore make sure to get their parts from only the best manufacturers out there. Dual Valves even has an ISO 9001 certification which acts as proof of their devotion to providing quality.

Their range of products includes Dual Valves slurry samplers, control valves, dosing valves and more, the company offers every product in a variety of shapes and sizes, they even provide customized valves and couplings that can be installed in facilities with existing pipelines. You can visit the company’s webpage to browse through everything that they have to offer and rest easy knowing that this company doesn’t just supply parts for specialized mining facilities, the company has the experience and the knowledge needed to cater to its customers as well, making them one of the most dependable vendors of slurry valves and couplings.