Four Great Dining Establishments In Iowa City For You To Try

You’re about to embark on a virtual journey of discovery in relation to some of the best places for dining out in Iowa City. You don’t want to miss this. I’m going to take you by the four of the top dining establishments that are in the area, and then you can decide which one of these Iowa City favorites is your next place to eat.

The Encounter Cafe is a lovely place, located at 376 South Clinton Street. It’s one of the best places to enjoy a breakfast in the city. If you are out and about early morning in Iowa City, you might just want to park at The Encounter Cafe and sit down for a nice meal. Have you ever tried a fresh baked sweet roll that has burnt butter frosting? And you can polish that off with French press coffee.

Village Inn is located at 9 Sturgis Corner Drive, and it’s a wonderful spot to get breakfast, too. Oh wow, what are you going to do with two great breakfast picks? You’re going to have to try them both! Village Inn is also known as a place that serves up delicious pies. Order up a slice, and perhaps bring one home with you for comfort food. That sounds absolutely lovely, doesn’t it?

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Iowa City is located at 324 East Washington Street. The food is said to be great, and of course it’s all about the burgers, toppings and garlic fries. There are other great menu items, too, but it’s definitely a place to stop by for a delicious burger. And the garlic fries sound scrumptious. Are you going to visit Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Iowa City?

Mesa Pizza is also one of the popular restaurants in Iowa City. Located at 114 East Washington Street, Mesa Pizza is known for having great vegetarian options. I ate at a restaurant recently that had a veggie pizza that was absolutely loaded with toppings. I mean I’ve never seen anything like it before in terms of veggie pizza. Are you ready to discover what all is on the menu at Mesa Pizza?

Mesa Pizza and the three other great Iowa City restaurants await you and your family. Discover the best food that Iowa City has to offer, and see what you end up eating while you’re out and about traveling around. You’re going to find some great things on the menu at these four dining establishments.