Pole Dancing vs. Other Exercises

You know what’s the biggest bummer about having to work out? The ‘having to’ part; you know you have to do it and that there’s no other choice. While it’s true that some guys seem to live off of the gym, us ladies don’t really see the appeal in working out as much. The reason why this is so is very simple; our work outs are usually boring home based activities. Women who hit the gym love doing to just as much as their male counterparts; it becomes the highlight of your day.

However, even if you prefer working out alone when no one is watching you, you can make your workout session much more exciting by doing just one thing. You need to replace our exercise schedule with something more exciting; here’s a thought, why not try pole dancing? Yes, pole dancing is something that you can do as well and this article is going to tell you why you should.

It’s a Full Body Exercise
Manoeuvring your entire body around that pole might seem easy and effortless, but that’s only because of the hours and hours of practice pole dancers get daily. Pole dancing will engage your core, your arms and your legs in a way that both builds your strength, makes you more flexible and even helps you lose weight.

It’s Really, Really Sexy
Let’s be completely honest for a moment here, even when women see other women pole dancing, it’s hard to just look away. The seductive part aside, pole dancing is truly an art and as such, it’s going to impress anyone who sees it. It can really improve your confidence as a woman – all the more reason to learn it, right?