The Best Shin Pads

In cricket you will want some good support from your equipment, you will want bats that can help you keep a good balance between shot speed, shot strength, control and hitting area; you will want gloves that give you a good and strong grip that also give you good hand movement and are not restrictive; you will want shoes that keep you balanced, prevent you from slipping, and get you a good run up; and you will want to get good shin pads that will give you freedom but also give you good protection. A lot of people undermine or deny the importance that a good pair of shin pads can bring to a game of cricket. A good pair of shin pads can make a huge difference in your level of confidence and your run making ability when playing a competitive game of cricket. In this article we will be looking at some of the best shin pads available in world cricket, what they offer to the players, and what they cost.

The first shin pads that we will be looking at are the H4L Custom Batting Pads. These pads are amazing to look at and the attention to detail in both the design and the look is incredible. Extremely well fitted and very comfortable these pads will stick to your legs like glue and will take heavy hits and not let you feel a thing. The only real downside is that they cost around 115 pounds and that is an expensive hit to your bank account.

The next pads we will see are the Puma Evo Power 2 Batting pads. These pads are a bit of an all rounder. They give you good comfort, are light in weight and cost only 75 pounds. You can find both of these and more at