Things That Might Cause Your Air Conditioner to Malfunction

If you think that machines are perfect and nothing can happen to them, then let me tell you something that may be a bit of a shocker to you: You have never been so wrong, my friend. Even if your air conditioner is still under warranty and you got it from the best place, it can still always malfunction at any time due to many reasons, out of which, some of the reasons will be mentioned below:

Lack of Maintenance

Even if your air conditioner is brand new and has only been used for a few months and is way far away from its warranty’s expiry date, you still need to make sure to ask for a HVAC company for its maintenance, regularly. If not, its filter could be choked which can cause it to not give the appropriate amount of cooling.

Excessive Usage

Some models of some air conditioners need some break, every now and then. Machines do not tire but their parts sure do experience all kinds of wear and tear. Some times over usage of an air conditioner can cause it to build up patches of frozen ice, especially if the humidity settings of the air con or the surroundings is high.


Believe it or not but sometimes, even mother nature can be held responsible for the malfunctioning of your air conditioner. Sometimes, the lightening can cause your circuits to fry or wires and system to malfunction.

No matter what the reason may be for the cause of malfunction or how bad it looks, or even if it is just for regular maintenance, you would need a company, like Greater Houston HVAC – HVAC company in Texas, to help you with any kind of repairs, emergency needs or maintenance for your air conditioner.